Sarah Perry is a world renowned Movement Director; Movement, Character & Performance Coach and Motion Capture Director working in Film, TV, Animation, VR and Theatre. 


Letters from drancy

East City Films

From movement direction, to performance coaching, working with young performers and enabling them to feel safe whilst exploring highly emotional content.   

In an era where the heartrending accounts of Holocaust survivors dwindle to mere echoes, East City Films are striving to immortalise these crucial narratives for future generations. In partnership with the visionary Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center, "Letters from Drancy", is a quest to innovate through Virtual Reality. 

Central to the narrative is the formidable Marion Deichmann, a Holocaust survivor whose story traces a harrowing journey through Nazi-occupied Paris. 

Company - East City Films
In Collaboration with -  Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center
Director - Darren Emerson
Producers - MICAELA BLITZ and Ashley Cowan

Screenings: Venice International Film Festival, London Film Festival, Illionois Holocaust Museum, SXSW (2024)

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