Sarah Perry is a world renowned Movement Director; Movement, Character & Performance Coach and Motion Capture Director working in Film, TV, Animation, VR and Theatre. 


 Jupiter Ascending

Warner Bros

Movement, Character and Motion Capture Direction. Working with cast, stunt team and vfx.   

From Creature Performance to Motion Capture, Animation and Live Action. A feast of other-worldly characters in an other-worldly Universe. Creature Research, Character Embodiment and Performance. 

Company - sloane square films
distributor - Warner Bros. Pictures & Roadshow Entertainment
Directors - Lana Wachowski & LilLy Wachowski
Cast- Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum, Eddie redmayne, sean bean, Ariyon bakare

As the stunt coordinator
on Jupiter Ascending, I thank you for your contributions to the project. To have someone like you create the movement of our characters and train our actors and stunt performers was the key element of our success.


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