Sarah Perry is a world renowned Movement Director; Movement, Character & Performance Coach and Motion Capture Director working in Film, TV, Animation, VR and Theatre. 


In persuit of Repetitive beats

East City Films

From choreographing the journey of the users experience, to 1980's Rave Scenes. Working with the Actors to shape their bodies using photogrammetry to staging realistic scenes for the user to move around and within.  

In Pursuit of Repetitive Beats, a Cinematic immersive VR experience, takes audiences on a multi-sensory joyride into the past, bringing to life the stories of the promoters, police officers, and rave-goers, whose rivalries and relationships drove a revolution in music and society. Multi-sensory room-scale interactive VR enables participants to feel the anticipation, trepidation, excitement, and euphoria that was Acid House.

Company - East City Films
In Collaboration with - BFI
and Coventry City of Culture
Director - Darren Emerson
Producers - Ashley Cowan, Darren Emerson and Dan Tucker
VFX- All seeing eye

currently touring Worldwide

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