Sarah Perry is a world renowned Movement Director; Movement, Character & Performance Coach and Motion Capture Director working in Film, TV, Animation, VR and Theatre. 


his dark materials S3

bad Wolf/bbc

Land of the dead - ensemble crowd direction, spectre attacks and character world building and embodiment.  

His Dark Materials ended with an epic third season of the BAFTA-winning BBC and HBO co-production based on Philip Pullman’s final novel in the trilogy – The Amber Spyglass – produced by Bad Wolf. 

Company - bad Wolf
distributor - hbo/bbc
Director - Weronika Tofilska, Charles Martin, Russell Dodgson
Line Producer - Carolyn Parry-Jones

Working on HIS DARK MATERIALS III, Sarah Perry our movement & performance coach was incredibly professional and experienced in her field, she is creative, very skilled at keeping her subjects calm, collected and confident in the demands of the role. She is a brilliant team player who takes great ownership of her responsibilities and is a pleasure
to work with

—  carolyn parry-jones, line producer

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