Sarah Perry is a world renowned Movement Director; Movement, Character & Performance Coach and Motion Capture Director working in Film, TV, Animation, VR and Theatre. 


Guardians of the galaxy


Movement, Character and Animation Performance Direction. Working with Cast, Animators and VFX..   

From Live Action Character Performance to 3d Animation Performance.  Working closely with Animation Company: The Moving Picture Company (MPC) on the Physical Performance of Groot; character embodiment, facial expressions and eye movements.  Where character, subtext and story meet. 

Company - Marvel Studios
distributor - Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Director - James Gunn
Cast- Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Vin Diesal  Bradley Cooper, karen Gillan

Sarah devised and co-ordinated a program for the team of animators at MPC & was beneficial to the way they approached the shots tasked to them & the subtlety of acting choices that were made."

—  Greg Fisher, Head of Animation, MPc

Groot was a really interesting character with some really specific challenges. As one half of the duo with Rocket it was essential that Groot’s performance connected with the audience emotionally and comedically. Even with a partially restricted set of facial features and dialogue.

We put a lot of effort into the eyes as the soul of the character. Aiming for a deep amber depth to them that was both alien and familiar. So, that a nuanced performance could be delivered through the subtleties in his facial expressions.

—  Ben Jones, character Supervisor,
Body of Work: MPC’s creatures and characters

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