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Sarah teaches Viniyoga, Yin and Yang Yoga classes, workshops and courses in London and is also a registered Yoga Therapist with CNHC. Sarah approaches her yoga teaching with a strong sensitivity to the uniqueness of all body types, personality types and abilities, considering the client’s specific needs; physically, mentally, emotionally or otherwise. No two people are the same and Sarah encourages finding a way to enable the yoga practice to fit the individual’s needs.

We are with ourselves every day, yet we can often get quite disconnected, Yoga invites us to reconnect and to heighten body and self awareness.

Sarah encourages a healthy balance of both Yin and Yang in one’s yoga practice and life, to help us reach our full potential of good health and wellbeing. Through yoga the body, breath and mind are nurtured and nourished and our link back to our true nature is potentially enriched.

Sarah can be booked for private, group and corporate work. Contact Sarah for further information.

Private Sessions & Yoga Therapy

Sarah teaches one to one yoga and is a registered Yoga Therapist with CNHC. Sarah has many private clients whose needs cover a wide range from wanting to practice yoga to gain strength and flexibility, to improve focus, motivation, balance and co-ordination, to improve posture, breathing techniques, to relax and energise and to work with many individual physical, mental and emotional needs including; Muscular-skeletal, respiratory, cardiovascular, auto immune, circulatory, digestion, depression, anxiety, ME/CFS, insomnia, addiction support, burnout, stress, grief, PTSD, cancer, acute pain, chronic pain, parkinsons, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, hypermobility, fibromyalgia, post surgery support, diabetes, sciatica, COPD…

Sarah has taught Yoga for Sapphire Independent Housing, a charity providing quality support and accommodation to homeless and vulnerable adults, many of whom are recovering from drink and drug addiction. Sarah also teaches for DAIS/CRI, working with those who are facing addiction, homelessness and domestic abuse.

Sarah holds an up to date DBS and has passed a safeguarding course to work with adults at risk.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga uses the body, in a series of predominantly floor postures which are held, statically, for long periods of time. This enables the muscles (yang by nature) to relax, so as to access the deeper layers of the body (yin by nature), appropriately.

Yin Yoga accesses this deeper, hidden, yin layer of the body; fascia, unlike any other forms of yoga or movement practices – this is what makes Yin Yoga unique. In turn, this deeper level of work, as well as potentially increasing flexibility and mobility, also accesses a deeper level in our minds, which consequently leads to a deeper level of inner awareness and can become strongly meditative.  

Yin Yoga, complimentary to Yang forms of Yoga, helps us to maintain a healthy body and to prevent immobilisation of the joints. The distinction between tension and compression in our body parts can be explored through regular practice. Sarah’s teaching is influenced by Chinese Meridian Theory and The Five Elements. A typical Yin class would last for approx 90 minutes and some classes may include a mixture of both Yin (Static) and Yang (Dynamic) forms of Yoga.

For more information please read this article in Yoga Journal by Paul Grilley, explaining the practice of Yin Yoga.


Viniyoga focuses on a combination of both static and dynamic work, however the static work is minimal in comparison to that practiced in Yin Yoga. Viniyoga places its primary importance on the breath, framing the movement with the breath.

Viniyoga encourages one to find the supports within the body to allow ease and comfort within the practice. A typical class would include predominantly dynamic work, followed by a short pranayama practice and a short meditation/relaxation.

Viniyoga specifically, again working in the same grain as Sarah’s preferences, works very much on matching the yoga to the individual. Viniyoga means ‘intelligent application’ – the intelligent application of yoga to match the individual’s needs, both in body and mind.


Private group, corporate and one to one Yoga & Yoga Therapy sessions are available.

Please contact Sarah for prices.

Sarah’s Training

• Sarah is registered with and insured by The British Wheel of Yoga (BWY)
• Sarah is a registered Yoga Therapist with CNHC (Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council)
• 500hrs – Viniyoga Yoga Teacher Training Diploma with Sadhana Mala, BWY, London (Dave Charlton and Ranju Roy)
• 260hrs – Anatomy & Theory/Chakras & Meridians – Yin Yoga Teacher Training – Paul and Suzee Grilley, California, Thailand, Hamburg & London
• 320hrs – Yoga Therapy Diploma – Yoga Campus
• 65hrs – Yin Yoga Teacher Training – Chinese Medicine, Meridian Nidra & Hip Anatomy with Jo Phee
• Continued Professional Development – Yoga for Stress, Burnout and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Yoga and Palliative Care
• REPs (Registered Exercise Professional) Level 3, Yoga Instructor
• First Aid Certificate (Expires June 2022)
• Safeguarding Adults at Risk 
• Various courses and workshops attended including: BWY Foundation course with Tara Fraser, Astanga courses with Nigel Jones (level 1 and 2), workshops with Sadhana Mala (Viniyoga), Ruth Gilmore (Anatomy), Paul Grilley (Anatomy/Yin Yoga), Suzee Grilley (Yin/Yang Yoga), Carlos Pomeda (History, Philosophy and Meditation), Tarik Dervish (Ayurveda), Howard Napper (residential retreat and workshops), Yoga Therapy (Yoga Campus), Tias Little (Vayus) and Jo Phee (Yin/Chinese Medicine). 
• Sarah continues to take classes in Yoga History & Philosophy, Anatomy, Yin, Yang and Viniyoga Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga Therapy

Yoga Clients