Movement Director & Coach

  • Royal Shakespeare Company

Sarah can be hired as a Movement Director or Performance Coach for TV, Film, Theatre, Animation, Games, Music & Media Projects.

Sarah’s skills range from creature performance research and direction, motion/performance capture movement direction, acting & character movement in animation, actor preparation & coaching, developing a movement language and style to suit your project, developing an actor’s or character’s movement language and vocabulary, company warm ups, ensemble work, choreography.

Movement Coaching for specific roles, honouring the genre and period of the piece, environment, working with green screen, costume, prosthetics, props, the character’s inner world, personality, mental state, illnesses, conditions, psychology…

Looking after the wellbeing of the actor within her scope as a Yoga Therapist.

Movement Directing & Coaching Clients

His Dark Materials: S3
Season 3, eps 4-7 Released 2022
Movement Coach
Bad Wolf / BBC

A Discovery of Witches: S3
Season 3 – Released 2022
Movement Coach
Bad Wolf / Sky

There’s Something About Movies S4, Ep 5
Movement Coach: Alan Carr, Jennifer Saunders & Tom Davis
Sky One

March 2021
Movement Director
Royal Shakespeare Company

A Discovery of Witches: S2
Season 2 – Released January 2021
Movement Coach
Bad Wolf / Sky

Creature by SDNA
Movement Director
Directed by SDNA and Kirsty Housley

The Floogals series 1
Performance Coach for Jellyfish Pictures

Guardians of the Galaxy
Movement Coach to Karen Gillan (Nebula)
Performance Coach for MPC (Groot)
Directed by James Gunn

Jupiter Ascending
Movement Director
Directed by The Wachowskis

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Performance Coach for MPC (Reepicheep)
Directed by Michael Apted